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Aims of a stay abroad | Reasons for a stay abroad

Reasons for a stay abroad at an international school

A stay abroad. A worthy experience in all possible ways.

Today, a growing number of open and motivated students take part in a stay abroad.

With globalisation in mind, the importance of international experience and good English skills is steadily growing. Additionally, a stay abroad can be advantageous when applying for jobs. In reaction to the growing expectations placed on future job applicants, it is important to gain international experience as early as school level. Staying abroad demands intensive reflection on one's self and thus supports personal development. Getting to know a different cultural setting offers an incomparable experience and the acquisition of the world language English takes place almost automatically. These extensive language skills are essential for future career prospects. The ability to act independently is fostered through a stay abroad and is of high importance for personal and professional growth.

A stay abroad is a challenge offering enormous opportunities for personal development. Contact us for individual advice on how to live up to future expectations.

Aims of a stay abroad | Reasons for a stay abroad

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