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The American school system

The American school system: Chemical lessonsSchool system in the USA: Learning in the library

In the United States, the school year is divided into two semesters or three trimesters and lasts from August / September until May / June.

Classes begin around 8:30am and end around 4pm. Apart from short breaks, there is the longer lunch hour in which students may eat together. After the day's lessons, students take part in the broad range of sports and leisure activities, including musical and cultural activities.

The students select subjects from the following categories: languages, mathematics, social science, natural science, and art. Creativity is especially furthered. The lessons are held in small study groups of mostly only eight students. This guarantees optimal student support.

A broad range of intensively taught subjects is available. A guidance counsellor assists students in electing subjects and is available for questions and support throughout the school year.
Contrary to the German system, students can elect their subjects relatively freely. Students contribute to the creation of their own timetable, which also fosters motivation. We recommend to coordinate the focal subjects with the German school, in order to enable us to advise you more accurately.
The schools are known to be excellently equipped: classrooms, computers, laboratories and sports facilities leave nothing to be desired.
School uniforms are not usually required (instead schools often have a dress code). There are coeducative as well as single sex schools.

The good care, the cohesion of students, and the abundance of activities provide many opportunities for personal growth.

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