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Our partner schools: American Private High Schools and Boarding Schools

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We have partner schools in many states of the USA. We work with carefully selected private full-day schools that ensure high quality education and provide the best prerequisites for the successful completion of one or more school years. The educational system of these American private schools is renowned for its excellence because it advances individual talents and inclinations. Teachers are very engaged and motivated. The schools convey values that surpass language proficiency and willingness to learn. Everyone knows that Americans are very enthusiastic about sport. Our schools offer the students a wide range of sports activities.

We are in contact with our partner schools all year round and are able to recommend a school that matches what you have in mind.

As an alternative to the German Abitur, our schools offer the completion of the International Baccalaureate.

These cities are some examples for school settings:
Miami The mild east
San Francisco The city of 1000 contrasts in the west
New York The heartbeat of the world
Fort Levenworth In the middle of the country with beautiful surroundings

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