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The Swiss School System

The Education System in Switzerland is structured in a federal manner, i.e. the main responsibility for education lies with the cantons. However a conference at national level makes decisions about the curriculum and recognitions of school leaving certificates.

The School System is structured as follows: after an obligatory Primary School attendance of six years, children visit the secondary stage I. When this stage is completed, the mandatory school attendance of nine years ends. In addition, students can continue with the secondary stage II and gain the Abitur or the Matura, depending on the school and its offers. The total secondary education is hence comprised of 12 school years.

The structure of the Swiss school year is similar to the German equivalent; the school year is divided in two semesters, and starts at the beginning / middle of August and concludes at the end of June of the following year. German students can generally be integrated into most Private Schools at any time of the year, however, the easiest method would be to start at the beginning of a school year.

When selecting subjects, students can, apart from the standard obligatory subjects, choose among a wide range of additional subjects. These include for example intensive language courses in various languages, economics, science, design and art, innovative technologies, and many more. The Private Schools in Switzerland are renowned for their excellent equipment and resources. Class rooms and their equipment leave little to be desired. Overall, the learning environment is suited best to ensure optimal success of students on all levels.

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