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Activities & Leisure Opportunities at Swiss Private Schools

On top of the lessons, the schools offer a wide array of activities that further the inclinations and interests of students. The teachers organise and lead plenty of activities, with the range varying from school to school. Apart from diverse sporting opportunities, such as golf, horse riding, hockey, mountain biking, snowboarding, and skiing, cultural and artistic activities are also emphasised highly.


The Private Boarding Schools in Switzerland offer, depending on their focus and location, a special range of sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, or rowing and sailing. Additionally, other sports, such as basketball, football, tennis, swimming, etc., can also be engaged in.


The Private Schools further the already established abilities of students, such as playing an instrument. In addition, the acquisition of new skills, such as being part of an orchestra or a band, is encouraged.


Almost all Private Boarding Schools encourage an engagement in theatrical performance. Together with enthusiastic supervisors, students are highly committed to creating high quality theater performances, cabarets, and workshops, which are regarded as highlights in the daily life at the Boarding Schools.


The artistic abilities of your son or daughter are fostered through the use of large, bright ateliers, that are equipped with all conceivable tools and materials. In a relaxed atmosphere and with a fantastic view, students experience an excellent working environment.

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