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Accommodation in Swiss Boarding Schools

Because of daily life in the school community, friendships are made easily, and they often last a lifetime. The students live separated according to age and sex in various houses, usually in double rooms.

The students are supervised around the clock by a 'house leader' or a 'house mother', and are individually supported. These supervisors usually live directly in the boarding house. The schools also employ nurses and educational specialists, who ensure that the health and well-being of every individual student is supported. A wide array of leisure opportunities, which is also available on weekends, guarantees variety in daily school life.


The cost of a stay at a swiss boarding school varies according to the selected school and the duration of the stay. The school fees, including accommodation in the boarding house, range from CHF 50,000 to CHF 70,000 per year (this equals an amount of approximately EUR 32,000 to EUR 45,000).

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