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Why a private school?

Reasons for choosing a Boarding School / Private High School

Private schools and boarding schools

"The classes differ strongly from the ones in Germany. The teachers are considerably more relaxed and have a much better relationship with the students. The atmosphere is just more relaxed. The feeling to be at an Australian private school is just completely different." (Kirsten Heimann)

We co-operate only with private schools because they offer important advantages that foster your child optimally. On top of supporting individual talent, private schools exhibit morals that are beneficial to students' development.

High academic standard

The performance of the schools is very transparent and therefore comparable. The participation in a ranking system gives incentives to perform at one's best.

Better learning conditions

A class mostly consists of 12 students. The balanced teacher-student relationship provides students with a high learning standard in the chosen subjects.

Broad range of subjects

Students are presented with a versatile range of subjects from which they can choose according to their inclinations and interests. At the same time, many subjects are designed to be career oriented.

Information technology of highest standard

The ability to operate a PC is given high priority. Some schools provide students with the opportunity to use their own notebooks. Using high performance technical equipment is considered a matter of course.

Excellent staff

Because of the ranking system, the staff are motivated to impart as much knowledge as possible, leading in turn to a higher ranking position of the school in annual studies. A positive learning climate is evident, which encourages students to excellence.


Connections make the way to the top easier. In our partner schools, students have the opportunity to make contact with peers and others. Such friendships can last a lifetime and provide, along with a broadening of the personal horizon, advantages in the career path.

Building a career

Because the foundation for a career is already laid in school, special "careers counsellors" test, advise and plan the future together with the students. Recommendations are made for the individual career path of every single student.

Full-day schools

In our partner schools, students are busy the whole day. After the classes, activities are available for the students to participate in. Students can chose from a wide range of opportunities to match and their talents and interests.

Internationally acknowledged school-leaving qualification

It is possible to gain a school-leaving qualification that enables to study at top international universities.

Better reputation

The attendance of a private school leads to a significant advantage in future job applications. A graduate of a private school has increased career opportunities due to the acquired skills and experience.

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