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The school system in New Zealand

A boarding school in New Zealand

New Zealand's school system is largely oriented on the English example. The school uniform is a custom at New Zealand's schools as well. Most children start school as early as the age of five. In total, 13 years of school are completed. Here as well, the opportunity exists to enrol in the international Baccalaureate and gain an internationally acknowledged school leaving qualification. Our students are grouped according to their capabilities to enter the 11th or 12th grade. Along with single sex schools, co educative schools may be visited.

The school year is divided into four terms of 9 to 11 weeks each and begins at the end of January. In between the terms are two weeks of holidays each. The summer holidays extend over 6 to 7 weeks. For European students we recommend to begin their stay at the beginning of the New Zealand school year or at the end of our school year, which is at term 3 in July. The school day in New Zealand begins around 9am and finishes around 3:30pm. Students choose subjects from various areas. Special consideration is given to the Information Technology subjects, which have been fostered and encouraged for years. The technological equipment of the schools is excellent. All schools are equipped with many PCs and internet-access. After class, many activities are offered including sports, cultural and musical activities. In subjects like music and drama students can establish a more intense feeling of belonging together, as well as independence and self-confidence.

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