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Private & Boarding Schools in Germany

We exclusively arrange exchange with Private Boarding Schools in all states of the Federal Republic of Germany, for instance in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, and Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The specific Boarding Schools offer remarkable opportunities in the academic and non-academic fields. The types of schools range from Primary to High School; additionally, some schools offer professional training. On top of that, many Boarding Schools have special facilities for talented sportspeople, for artistic advancement, or for several other subjects.

The private Boarding Schools are usually situated in beautiful landscapes, for example at the North Sea or Baltic Sea, the Alps, in the Black Forest, the Eifel, or the Hunsrück. The campus is typically quite spacious, and many leisure opportunities are provided.

The lessons at the Private Schools contain a large amount of silent, partner, and group work, for example when conducting scientific experiments. Additionally, students are often provided with opportunities to hold presentations about the results of their work. This contributes significantly to self-esteem. The teachers attend to and support each individual student; this is made possible by the size of classes, which does not exceed the ideal number of 10 to 15 students.

The lesson plans are generally adapted from the relevant state's curriculum and various types of school leaving certificates are offered, depending on the future plans of your son or daughter. Hence, students may sit for the Mittlere Reife exam, as well as the Abitur; furthermore, some schools offer the opportunity to sit the internationally accepted International Baccalaureate.

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