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Boarding Schools and Private High Schools in Canada

The campus of a Canadian high schoolA boarding school in Canada

One of the most beautiful countries on this planet is waiting for you should you decide on a stay abroad in Canada. The country, with its incredible lakes, gigantic forests, and snow-covered mountain ranges, has for generations been an adventurous dream come true for its visitors.
Canada is regularly awarded top ratings for its high life expectancy, excellent educational system and low crime rates. Canada's schools and Universities have gained international reputation for excellence.

For decades Canada has welcomed immigrants from all over the world. Every fifth Canadian was born overseas, creating the multicultural character of the country. As a student of a Canadian private school you will be living in a city. Close by however, you will be able to find Canada's unique, versatile countryside. At the same time, Canada is a leading economic nation with emphasis on information and communications technology, biotechnology, aviation, and the motor industry.

The country's bilingual tradition offers the opportunity to learn French as well as English. Students who are more interested in French should consider a stay abroad in Quebec or the bilingual province of Nouveau / New Brunswick.

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