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Activities during a stay in Canada

Activity at a Canadian boarding school: GolfMusic lessons at a Canadian private schoolCanadian schools offer art-workshops as well


Canadians are enthusiastic sportsmen and women. Accordingly, our partner schools offer an attractive range of sports facilities. Depending on the season and respective school, you can chose among sports such as ice hockey, volleyball, handball, squash, soccer, baseball, athletics, skiing, horse riding, swimming, sailing, rowing, canoeing, diving, tennis, and golf. With the help of selected trainers and teachers, competitions are organised and held. The school teams also compete in national games.


Active participation in Performance Arts often fascinates our students. Communal values are established and self-confidence in new situations is strengthened. It is a special experience to demonstrate one's talent within the school community but also at Drama festivals and in front of a bigger audience.


The array of musical opportunities is extensive. Talented students are especially supported. Students can participate in the school orchestra, in a concert band, or in a jazz ensemble. Furthermore, the schools offer private tuition for single instruments.

Leisure opportunities during a stay in Canada

Apart form numerous opportunities for sport, the schools offer attractive leisure activities in the musical and artistic field. Students' inclinations and interests are fostered optimally.
Organised excursions are offered to explore Canada's wonderful landscape and nature reserves.
Invitations to communal leisure activities contribute to making the stay abroad in Canada an unforgettable experience.

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