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The Canadian school system

The Canadian school system: ScienceLessons at Canadian private schoolsMusic lessons are part of the Candian school system as well

In general, the Canadian school year consists of two semesters: after the summer holidays until just after Christmas and then again until the summer holidays.
The duration of a school year is ca 10 months
The duration of a semester is ca 5 months
Start is September or January
Transcripts are awarded at the end of each semester (one exception is British Columbia where transcripts are handed out three times per year).

Classes begin between 7:30am and 8:30am and end between 3pm and 4pm. Apart from short breaks there is the longer lunch hour in which students may eat together. After the day's lessons, students take part in the broad range of sports and leisure activities.

You chose from a wide variety of subjects. Small classes ensure optimal supervision and purposeful learning. The classrooms are equipped with technologically advanced computers, laboratories, and sports facilities to suit your expectations.

As an alternative to the German Abitur, some of our partner schools offer the completion of the International Baccalaureate.

Students are generally expected to wear a school uniform.

Being part of the school community is a valuable life experience. Values such as cross-cultural understanding and tolerance are fostered.

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