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Boarding Schools and Private High Schools in Australia

Students during their stay in AustraliaCollege in Australia: School buildingStudent at an australian private school

"The sight of the australian College was overwhelming. The school is very technologically advanced and every student is provided with a laptop because handling PCs is encouraged specifically, which is definitely helpful in terms of the future of every single student.

I was welcomed warmly and felt immediately comfortable in the college community. From the beginning, I wanted to live in the boarding school because I like being around people and I was also curious about life in a boarding school. As well, the school uniform gave me a feeling of belonging and created a comfortable atmosphere. It's an indescribable feeling that I sometimes miss at my German school. Here, community is a very high priority.

The school day is divided into three stages; the first stage starts with the first class at 8:55 am and ends after the second hour at 10:40 am. Then there is "recess", a break of 20 minutes. Stage two consists of two hours and finishes at "lunch", a break of 50 minutes, in which students eat their lunch. It follows stage three; school finishes at 3:30 pm. On top of the normal subjects there is the possibility to engage in sports before or after school, for example soccer, netball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, etc. Also, one can participate in different activities such as orchestras, bands and a range of dancing classes, etc. I can only recommend a stay abroad because you gain experience and have one of the best times of your life." (Katharina Jahrmarkt)

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