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The Australian school system

Private schools in Australia offer modern technologiesChemical lessons at an Australian private schoolThe Australian Schoolsystem: Eating lunch together in the dining hall

The Australian school system is still reflecting the influence of colonial Britain.
A school uniform is compulsory with almost all schools. The schools provide excellent learning opportunities and a high quality education. Along with co educative schools, there are also single sex schools.

The exchange students enter into 11th grade and chose, just like the Australian students, subjects from the following categories: English, Mathematics, Social Science, Visual Arts and Music, Languages, Technology and Personal Development, Health and Sport. Information technology and using a PC are given high priority in class. At some of our partner schools, students can use their own laptop in class. Information Technology Centres at the schools are known for their high international standard. A high quality education is therefore provided.

In Australia, the school year is not like in Germany divided into semesters, but into four "terms" (Tasmania being an exception with 3 terms). It begins at the end of January / beginning of February and ends in December with a 7 week summer holiday. Classes commence at Monday to Friday at around 9am and finish around 3:30pm. Lunch is held in the Dining Hall of the school, then a range of activities is offered. Some schools offer so-called "Vocational Education Programs". These are career oriented and practical study programs that provide the students with the opportunity to master the demands of a later life in the workforce. Each partner school has an "International Students Adviser" who also helps students with their choice of subjects. Generally, the schools are responsive to students' wishes and problems in a very different way compared to German schools.

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