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Our partner schools: Australian Private High Schools and Boarding Schools

Our partner schools are located over the whole of Australia. A stay abroad is possible in Sydney as well as Melbourne or Adelaide, and also in the Australian outback. All our schools place a lot of emphasis on academic performance level, whilst offering excellent musical and sports opportunities and diverse afternoon activities. Among our partner schools are some of the 10 best schools in Australia, some of which have been excellently educating students for over 100 years. Many of our partner schools reach high rankings in annual competitive studies. It is possible to visit the students during their stay or to pick them up at the end and enjoy a trip in Australia together. As an alternative to the German Abitur, many of our schools offer international Baccalaureates. During the stay, a guardian is always at hand for the students to contact.

The campus of an Australian College

Australian boarding school: The campusPlaying golf at an Australian boarding schoolBoarding schools in Australia are famous for their music classes

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